About Bodyrat.com

My name is Adam and welcome to Bodyrat.com!  I am a fitness enthusiast and want to share my love for bodybuilding with you.  I love every aspect of the fitness lifestyle and also love playing around with websites, so I decided to put my two hobbies together to make this website!

I am not a personal trainer, I do not have any degrees in fitness and I am not affiliate with any supplement company.  So why the heck would you want to take advice from me?  Well I do have one very important attribute that most people cannot claim.  I have been working out consistently for over 25 years.  I have immense “real life” fitness and diet experience, and have done a massive amount of diet and exercise related research as well as many experiments on myself over the years.  Many people that have fitness blogs have been working out for a couple years and claim to be fitness experts.  They may have even taken the six month internet personal training course and got certified.  But what good is all that if you don’t have long term experience of actually working out and dieting for decades?  Sure they will know some facts they read online, but to truly know a craft, you need to have years and years of true life experience.  In addition, since I am not affiliated with any supplement company, you can trust my unbiased supplement reviews and recommendations.  So many fitness bloggers have ulterior motives since they are sponsored or ambassadors of supplement products.  They are usually easy to spot since they are always trying to recommend or sell you the same brand of supplements over and over.  You won’t find that here, just my downright honest opinion from my years of trying different supplements.

I did not want this to be just another fitness blog site as there are literally thousands of them out there.  That’s why I designed this website to be interactive with our members.  At Bodyrat, YOU can submit your own articles, fitness quotes, fitness polls.  YOU can create the content and have other fitness enthusiast read and give opinions about your fitness articles!  It is a fun idea where you get to have your articles published, and actually read by thousands of people!

I hope you enjoy my workouts and articles as well as our other members articles.  We are a newer website, and looking to gain more exposure.  If you like what you see, please consider submitting an article and telling your friends about the fun new website, Bodyrat.com!  Thanks for stopping by!