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December 17, 2017
  • Golden Shoulders Workout #2

    Golden Shoulders Workout #4

    Ready for an exhausting shoulder workout?  Well I was and after completing this workout, I was spent!  Trust me when I say you will be walking out of the gym looking like a beast!  This [...]
  • Jacked Back Workout #2

    Jacked Back Workout #4

    A killer bag workout is upon you!  Embrace it and give it all you have, and it will be one step in getting you that big, thick back that you’ve always wanted! Unfortunately for me, [...]
  • Five Alarm Arms #4

    Five Alarm Arms Workout #4

    Welcome to day #22 of the 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer.  It’s Arm Day and we are ready to get your biceps and triceps pumped to the max.  It’s high rep week, which means lots [...]
  • Stressed Chest Workout #3

    Stressed Chest Workout #3

    Looking to get a kick-ass chest workout that will help you increase both size and strength?  Well you have found a killer workout right here!  If you are following my 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, [...]
  • Golden Shoulders Workout #3

    Golden Shoulders Workout #3

    Shoulder day is upon us!  Definitely one of my favorite bodyparts to work.  Big shoulders give you a broad look, and are the caps of your arms.  If you don’t have shoulders going on, your [...]

“There are no pills, no secrets, no passwords on the path to greatness. You’ve got to embrace the pain, push the threshold, and feel the suck, and then you’ve got to muster the courage to go back six times a week”

— Jon Gilson

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Leg Explosion

Leg Explosion

Don’t skip leg day they say.  Well you shouldn’t and there is good reason for it.  Your legs make up half of your body, and your lower body contains the largest muscles you have.  You […]

Arm Annihilator

Arm & Shoulder Destroyer 2

Here is the second installment of Arm & Shoulder Destroyer with all different exercises. You will be doing the same basic routine as the original early in the week, though everything is switched up. I […]

Golden Shoulders Workout #1

Golden Shoulders Workout #1

It’s time to get those boulder shoulders!  A pair of big, sculpted shoulders will not only make your arms look bigger and more defined, but will make your overall physique look much more massive and […]

Arm Annihilator

Dynamite Delts 5

SMITH MACHINE SHOULDER PRESS 5 sets of 25,15,12,10,6 reps DUMBBELL FRONT RAISES 4 sets of 20,15,10,8 reps per arm DUMBBELL SIDE LATERAL RAISES (SINGLE ARM) 4 sets of 15,12,10,8 reps per arm CABLE LATERAL RAISES […]

Back Workout

Razor Back 5

HAMMER STRENGTH HIGH ROW 4 sets of 20,15,10,8 reps DUMBBELL ROWS 4 sets of 20,15,10,8 reps SEATED CABLE ROWS 4 sets of 20,15,10,8 reps T-BAR ROWS W/HANDLE 4 sets of 20,15,10,8 reps PULLUPS 4 sets […]

Chest Destroyer

Chest Shredder 3

It’s the last workout of week three…and it’s Chest Day!  Get ready to get a monster chest pump as you superset your way through this exhausting workout.  You will finish up with triceps, which should […]

Calum Von Moger’s Old School Bodybuilding Arms Workout

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