6 Week Medley Year Round Trainer


The 6 week Medley YRT (Year Round Trainer) is the third installment of my trainers, and is designed to keep in shape year round.  This program is different from the YRT Trainer and YRT Hardcore Trainer, as things are mixed up and different each week.  This program is designed to build both strength, size and get you ripped at the same time when following my diet plans and recommendations.

I don’t bulk or shred, just try my best to stay in shape 365 days of the year.  Who wants to look like a bloated hippo in the wintertime?  I sure don’t and surely you don’t when you are taking your shirt off playing strip poker.  Follow this 6 week Medley YRT Trainer to get and keep your body in shape year round.

Does this mean you have to already be in great shape?  No!  If you need to lean out, you simply adjust your diet with a calorie deficit, but follow the same workout.  Are you looking to add size?  No problem. Pair this workout with a surplus in clean macros and you will be adding size in no time!