A positive mood can help your workouts

A positive mood can help your workouts

Having a positive mood and cutting down your stress can not only help your overall health, but it can dramatically help your workouts and your physique!

When you are experiencing high stress, whether it be mental or phsyical, your adrenal glands release a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol helps regulate your body’s functions during these times of stress. While it may help your body react to stress, it has negative side effects that are particularly concerning for bodybuilders and people that are looking to improve their bodies.

Cortisol is considered to be an catabolic hormone, which is the opposite of anobolic, meaning it has the opposite effect of testosterone. Having high cortisol levels can ultimately increase body fat, reduce muscle mass among many other side effects. To maximize your cortisol levels as well as your testosterone levels, you need to keep your stress as low as possible.

There is more than just cortisol levels when it comes to staying positive that can affect your physique. If you are stressed out, your workouts will inevitably suffer. Sure, there may be times where you are angry and take it out at the gym and have a kick ass workout.   More often than not, however, stress and bad moods will negatively affect your workout over the long term. It is easy to lose concentration on your workout when you are stressed or having worries. The mind muscle connection is essential for maximum gains and progress. When you are stressed out, it is much harder to get that connection when you are constantly thinking about your stress while you are trying to hit the weights.

We live in a busy, stressful world and it is impossible to keep stress out of it. However, just like you try to keep up a good diet and exercise on a regular basis, try to keep your stress low and your mood positive on a regular basis and your body will thank you.

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