Add this exercise to your routine for a wider chest

Hammer Strength Wide Chest Press

Most people universally agree that they want a bigger, more shapely chest.  Whether you are a man or woman, the goal is usually the same.  That is why Monday is considered National Chest Day, since it is many people’s favorite workout.

The majority of people do some form of bench press (chest press) to begin.  Whether you start with incline, flat or decline, it’s usually one of the three.  Many people do all three of them, though flat and incline are the most popular.  Then they finish off chest day with some form of flyes, such as dumbbell flyes, machine flyes or cable crossovers.

There is a variation, and somewhat a combination of the exercises that is possible using the Hammer Strength Wide Chest machine.  If you are a lucky individual that works out at a gym that has this piece of equipment, you must give it a try!  I recently switched gyms to one that happens to have one.  My old gym had the standard hammer strength chest press, incline and decline, but did not have the wide chest.  Boy am I lucky because I have not seen this in many gyms and I love it!!

The Hammer Strength Wide Chest press has 45 degree angled handles on it, that give you a different angle when you hold it as compared to the standard, incline or decline variations.  So your grip is completely different, and the angle you push the weight is also different.  It almost feels like a combination of a chest press and a fly.

If done correctly, and you really can’t go too wrong, it clearly targets your outer chest, while still working your entire chest.  It will help you add on more muscle to the sides of your chest, helping to make your pecs wider.  Wider pecs will give you more of that wide, v-taper look that you are looking for.  After the very first time using it, I can tell you that I had a clearly better chest pump and I was quite sore in that area the next day.  It is definitely a winner when it comes to chest machines.

If your gym has the Hammer Strength Wide Chest Press and you haven’t checked it out, give it a try.  If you have used it before, let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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