Are you working out at the right gym?

Are you going to the right gym?

For years I have been working out at the same gym, La Fitness. Although originally I did not sign up with them, they bought out my old gym Pure Fitness, which I absolutely loved. I worked out at Pure Fitness for about 10 years. They offered the members from Pure Fitness the same low price at LA Fitness, so I decided to give it a try.

The gym was not near as good as my old gym. It lacked the old school equipment that I was accustomed to, and was missing the atmosphere you can only get at a smaller gym with serious people. Shortly after joining, however, they bought the place next door and remodeled. It was a HUGE remodel and they turned it into an amazing gym. It had a ginormous cardio room with TV’s on every piece of equipment, two aerobics rooms (one with six punching bags), and a gigantic weight room with multiples of all the equipment you could imagine. I was in heaven!

After going to that gym for the next six or so years, I decided to look around at other gyms to be sure I wasn’t missing out on anything. There was a much smaller gym up the street from me called Fitness One that I decided to checkout. My first impressions were that it wasn’t nearly as good as LA Fitness. There were a lot of machines and various equipment that they did not have. I did see a few advantages, however, such as the dumbbells going up to 150 pounds vs 100 pounds at LA Fitness (not that I would personally be able to go up that high).

So I tried the gym out for a week to go through all my various workouts. Let me tell you, I was so happy and so much more motivated at the new gym. The atmosphere is much, much better. There are much more serious lifters there, the music is way better and it’s simply much more motivating. I have also found that just because it’s smaller and they do not have as much equipment, it isn’t necessarily a negative. The quality of equipment is much better and the ones I actually would use are just about all there. The smaller gym makes it quicker and easier to superset and move from one exercise to another. All in all, I am getting MUCH better workouts than I was at my old, much larger and seemingly better gym.

If you are looking for a gym, be sure you get a full week pass. You need to experience the whole gym, and not just glance here and there and do a single workout. While you may think you are happy at your gym, try out others to see what they offer. Your results could potentially be much better at a different gym.

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