Five Alarm Arms #2

Five Alarm Arms #2

It’s time to get those guns pumped!  If you are following our 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, welcome to Day #8!  This workout is high volume which means you will be doing a LOT of reps.  Last week we were working lower reps and higher weight for strength, and this week we will be going the opposite route with high reps and a little bit lower weight.

While you will have to lower the weight from what you did last week, don’t think you are going to be using specifically light weight.  You still will be using the heaviest weight possible to achieve the prescribed reps.  Some of the exercises call for 30 reps for the first set, and it is pretty difficult to do heavy weight with that many reps.  However, the rep range goes down each set, and your weight should increase.  You should be hitting failure or near failure on every set.  If you are getting the reps in fairly easy, then you should be doing heavier weight.  Don’t cheat and use too light of weight because you are only cheating yourself.

You will get a sick pump from this workout, as the high volume will be pumping all kinds of blood into your arms.  You ready to go get it?  Well then let’s do it!  Give it 110%!!

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