Five Alarm Arms Lite #1

Five Alarm Arms Workout #1

Ready to pump the guns? If you are following the 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer Lite, welcome to Day #1! This first week we are going for strength, which in turn of course will also lead to size. The repetitions will be lower than the following week, and you will be using the absolute maximum weight possible to achieve the indicated reps, while not sacrificing your form.  While a little “cheating” is okay to get those last couple reps, we are talking just a tad.  This mainly so you can bring that heavier weight down slowly, maximizing  the benefits of the eccentric movement.

Be sure to choose a weight that you will reach failure at the end of the indicated reps.  As you get accustomed to your strength, you will be a pretty good judge on what weight to choose.  It is very important that you don’t underdo it.  For example, when the set calls for 10 reps and get to 10 reps without reaching failure or at least very close to failure, just do a couple more reps.  You will know for next time to choose a slightly higher weight.

Remember, concentration is key in your workouts.  If your mind is thinking about other things, you will not get as good of results.  Concentrate with each rep and visualize your arms growing as you squeeze those last couple of reps.  Give it all you got and leave everything in the gym!

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