Five Alarm Arms Workout #3

Five Alarms Arms Workout #3

Ready to get those arms blazing?  We are back to heavy weight this week! If you are following our 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, welcome to Day #15!

Be sure you are properly warming up before doing any workout, but especially when you are doing the heavy weight weeks.  There is always an increased risk of injury when you are using high weight, since it puts more stress on your muscles and joints.  It is a good idea to do some light cardio and stretching first.  I do some light cardio such as the elliptical for a few minutes to get the joints loosened up and the blood flowing.  I then do some light stretching on whatever muscle I will be working.  Also, before each exercise, I usually do a light warmup set, but always on the first exercise for sure.

Remember, you will be taking longer rest between sets to be able to lift as much weight as possible.  Don’t take too much rest, however, as you don’t want to lose your pump.  A good rule of thumb for the heavy weight weeks is 1-2 minutes between sets, close to the two minute mark.  You will still get a great pump, even while doing lower reps and taking rest as the high weight will force lots of blood into your muscles.

Well enough said.  Remember, 110% each and every time!  Let’s get it going!

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