Five Alarm Arms Workout #4

Five Alarm Arms #4
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Welcome to day #22 of the 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer.  It’s Arm Day and we are ready to get your biceps and triceps pumped to the max.  It’s high rep week, which means lots of volume and less rest.

Most of the sets on this workout will end with a drop set.  When you see 10+10 on the last set, that means use a weight where you hit failure or near failure for ten reps, then “drop” the weight and go to failure once again with ten more reps.  Combined with the high volume sets, this is sure to get you a killer pump.

On the triceps exercises, you will be supersetting the second and third exercises.  Perform the first exercise, and immediately superset with the next for the indicated reps.  I made it easy to superset these two exercises, since you will be using the same equipment for both exercises.  The problem with some supersets is that the equipment is often all the way across the gym, and sometimes another gym member may not realize you are using it, only to have it taken when you go to do your supersets.

Well it’s time – give it 110% and get those guns growing!

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