Five Alarm Arms Workout #7

Five Alarms Arms Workout #7

If you are looking for a grueling arm workout, you have found it right here!  We are concentrating on strength, which will in turn build you size! If you are following our 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, welcome to Day #43!

I originally planned this workout right before I hit the gym, and had to scale it back a bit.  I was getting a little overzealous thinking that I could cram in more than what I could get done in an hour and a half.  I have found over the years that an hour and a half workout is the perfect workout time for me.  You may require a little more or a little less, but don’t cheat yourself with a “quickie” 30 minute workout.  You are never going to get the results you are capable of working out in that short time period.  Some will say that an hour and a half is too long, but it all depends on the individual.  I feel if you are getting proper rest and taking the appropriate recovery supplements, it can be done consistently.  If you feel you are overtraining working out that long, then cut out a couple of exercises.  Do your best to finish all of your workouts for maximum results, but be aware of overtraining and injuries along the way.

I had a great pump after this workout.  I love this trainer as it alternates between higher rep workouts, and lower rep workouts.  It felt great doing higher weight and lower reps today!

Now it’s your turn!  It’s go time buddy!  Give it 110% and let’s get those arms pumpin’!

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