Five Alarm Arms #9

Five Alarms Arms #9

If you are looking to get a great pump, as well as add strength and size to your arms, then this is a workout you should try!  This is a lower rep, moderate volume workout and you will be lifting some heavy weight on your quest to build strength!

This arm workout is split into four groups.  You will do four exercises for both biceps and triceps, but they will be split into groups of two exercises.  Though it starts with triceps, feel free to start with biceps (as I did).  You will do four sets of two exercises for both biceps and triceps, then another four sets of two different exercises for each.  This will give your biceps or triceps some rest time, so you will be able to hit it extra hard to finish off the final two exercises for each.

Make sure you take a good minute between sets to maximize your strength.  If you put in 110% effort and go to failure or near failure on each set, you should have a great pump at the end of the arm workout!

Next up you will be working calves, and you will be doing four drop sets of each exercise.  So if the set calls for 25+10, you will find a weight where you are failing around 25, then drop the weight and pump out 10 more.  Do this for each set, and you will definitely be feeling it at the end!

Lastly, you will be doing a giant set of three different ab exercises.  Don’t take any rest between sets and your abs will be on fire after you are done.

That’s it folks!  Now it’s time to do it!  Down your favorite pre-workout, get your mind into it and let’s do it!!!!!!!

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