BACK in the mix

BACK in the mix

It was back day today, which is one of my weakest body parts.  Not so much for strength, but it lacks size and definition in proportion to the rest of my body.  All that means is that I have to push extra hard on my back days and really kill it if I want to get better symmetry.

Today is supposed to be one of the busiest gym days of the year.  Since New Years Day fell on a Sunday, it was observed Monday so many people had the day off.  What happens when people have the day off?  Most don’t work out.  So the following day is when the gym will start to get really crowded.  Lucky for me, I got to a small gym and it wasn’t too bad.  In fact, when I left there was hardly anyone there as you can see in the pic.

You can click here to view today’s workout. I really put everything into the workout, as I usually do. If you are not giving it 100% every time, you are not going to get maximum results. Never just go through the motions when working out. Concentrate on the mind/muscle connection. As you are doing your lat pull-downs, your rows, your shrugs, feel the muscles contract and visualize them growing. Your brain is very powerful and has a big place in bodybuilding.

The first giant set of lat pull-down exercises really got my lats flaring out, and the t-bar and cable rows got my back feeling thick, for awhile at least till the pump wore off.  The shrug supersets had my lats creaming, and then finishing it off with one of the most tiring exercises, deadlifts.  I did not take much time between sets to get maximum pump, though still used some heavy weight since the last sets of T-bar and cable rows are only 5 reps.

One of the better back workouts I have had, but a very long one.  Expect to be in the gym for a solid hour and fifteen minutes minimum.  If you really want to grow and evolve, you have to put in the time.  Be sure to take your post workout as soon as you finish.  I mix mine up in the locker room and down it immediately before I leave.

If you haven’t gone to the gym today yet, get your ass going!

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