Jacked Back #10

Jacked Back Workout #10

This is a very long and involved back workout, but upon completion you will get a great back pump and one hell of a workout.  As this workout is quite time consuming, you will be taking minimal rest between sets.  So let’s get going!

First, you will start with four descending rep sets of narrow grip cable curls.  Next you will do ascending rep sets of dumbbell rows.  I like to do one arm at a time, so you would do the indicating reps with one arm, then switch to the other.  Since you are resting the one arm, you can take very little rest and go to the next set pretty much right away.  If you want to do both arms at the same time, then take about 30-60 seconds between sets.  Next is my favorite exercise, the bent-over V-bar rows.  Make sure you keep your legs slightly bent and wear a back belt on this one.  This reliefs some of the pressure put on your back doing this exercise.  The last middle back exercise is drop sets of Hammer Strength Rows, where you will start heavy with low reps, and keep dropping the weights and doing higher reps.  You are to take no rest between these drop sets!

For your lats, you will start with Hammer Strength High Rows.  I like to do one arm at a time on these, but if you want to use both it is just fine.  It just seems that I can concentrate on each lat a little better doing them one arm at a time.  Next you will doing four supersets of close grip lat pulldowns with reverse grip lat pulldowns.  Finally, four drop sets of straight arm cable pulldowns will complete your lats.

Your last exercises will be giant sets of dumbbell shrugs, Smith Machine Shrugs and weighted hyperextensions.  I put all three together to save time, so you would have time to hit your traps as well as your lower back simultaneously.  Finally, for your abs you will be supersetting incline crunches with hanging leg raises, and finishing off with 150 oblique twists.

Yes, it’s a long workout, but if you are tough enough to do it, your physique will benefit!  Time to get in the zone, down your pre-workout, and eyes on the prize!  This is the last back exercise of the 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, so give it everything you got!

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