Jacked Back Workout #3

Jacked Back Workout #3

Looking for a brutal back workout to build size and strength?  Well you have come to the right place.  I personally did this workout yesterday (as I do all the workouts listed), and let me tell you – it’s a good one!

This is a heavy weight workout, so the reps are lower so you can use maximum weight.  As a reminder, never sacrifice form for weight.  Make sure your form is intact, though if you have to do a couple cheat reps at the end of the set, it’s not a crime.  If these couple of cheat reps turn into more than two, then be sure to lower the weight next time.  A couple cheat reps can be beneficial, but if you are consistently using improper form, you are only cheating yourself.

Although you will be taking a little longer rest on your heavy days, be sure not to take too much rest.  The T-bar rows machine was being used when I first go to the gym, so I went ahead and did bent over dumbbell rows first, and then hit the T-bar.  Each exercise is designed to be performed in the order listed, though if someone is using the equipment at the time, just move on to the next one as to not kill your pump and get you out of your grove.

Get your pre-workout in your system and let’s get crackin’!  Don’t give anything less than 110% if you want to make those gainzzzz!

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