Jacked Back Workout #4

Jacked Back Workout #2
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A killer bag workout is upon you!  Embrace it and give it all you have, and it will be one step in getting you that big, thick back that you’ve always wanted!

Unfortunately for me, all the tools were in place for a great workout, however somehow I did not have the energy this morning, and ended up having a very average workout for no apparent reason.  I am very in tune with my body, and had no idea why I was off today.  The only thing I could think of is that I tried a sample packet of pre-workout (Volcano Fury to be exact), instead of my go-to pre-workout Evl Engn.  I don’t see how that could honestly make that big of difference, but that is what I blamed it on.

Later that day, I started coming down with the flu that my brother had.  I immediately realized why I had a “ho-hum” workout, because little did I realize, the flu was starting it’s magic in my body.  With any luck, you will not be coming down with some kind of sickness, and have a much, much better workout!

Ready to get going?  110% time and GO!

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