Jacked Back Workout #7

Jacked Back Workout #7

It’s back day and, as always, I have a killer workout planned for you! We are concentrating on strength for this workout, but don’t think you won’t be doing high volume overall, because you will!

As you will see, your first exercise will be pullups. Though I think pullups are a killer back exercise, I tend to not do them as much due to the strain I get in various joints of my arms. When I do pullups, I usually do close grip pullups, since it puts less strain on the joints. If you do not have any joint problems doing pullups, then feel free to substitute lat pulldowns with pullups on occasion, as they are very comparable exercises.

This was an extremely long workout when I first created it. It took me an hour and fifty minutes, which is just too long! I knocked off a couple exercises and reduced some of the reps, so you should be able to perform this in an hour and a half. Remember, you will need a little more rest than normal between sets, as you are going for heavy weight baby!

Are you ready? Well get your game face on and give it your 110%!

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