Jacked Back #8

Jacked Back Workout #8

It’s back time!  A grueling back workout is about to go down, and it’s all written out for you here.  This workout took awhile to create, as the first time I made it up – I just wasn’t feeling it!  It seemed like it was going to be a great workout  as it was very long with 5 set supersets of various exercises.  As with every workout you see on here, I personally perform the workout first before making the final copy.  While I burned a shitload of calories, my back was simply not feeling pumped and fatigued like it normally does.  So this particular workout is a lot different than how I originally planned it.  I changed lots of things up, tried it again and presto!  Now It’s gold!

Lots of reps, supersets coupled with a few lower rep sets to get you strong and pumped.  There is a LOT of volume here, so be sure to only take 30-60 seconds between sets so you can get it all in.  Remember, this week is not really about how much weight you can lift.  We are going for volume and pump.  Next week you will be lifting the heavy weight, so embrace the lower weights and give it full concentration on this high volume workouts.

Ready to hit it!  Down your preworkout, clear all negativity from your head and concentrate solely on the task at hand.  Let’s do it!

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