Jacked Back #9

Jacked Back Workout #9

Just got done doing this workout and it’s a great one folks!  All of the workouts that I post here are ones that I actually do, so they are tried, tested and Adam approved!  This is a killer back workout that will leave you pumped and feeling great!

For all exercises, use the highest weight possible to reach failure or near failure on the designated reps.  DO NOT sacrifice form for weight!  If you cannot get the majority of the reps using strict form, then lower the weight!

You will be starting with bent over dumbbell rows.  I used a flat bench, and did each arm individually.  Up next was Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Rows.  This is an absolute great machine, but many gyms don’t have it.  If you do not have this machine, then use any seated row machine.  Next is T-Bar rows, which I used the free-weight T-bar, which is simply bending over an olympic bar pushed in the corner with a close grip handle.  This is an excellent strength exercise, so don’t be shy with the weight!  Up next was cable rows, and as you can see you will be doing higher reps to get a great pump to your middle back.

Up next are three sets of three different exercises.  Starting with neutral grip lat pulldowns, then close grip lat pulldowns and finally reverse grip lat pulldowns.  You will finish off with straight bar cable pulldowns for four sets at a higher rep range.

Lastly, it’s time to finish off with hitting your traps with sled shrugs and dumbbell shrugs, and finally ending with 10 minutes of HIIT.  I usually use the stair climber for HIIT, as it is simultaneously working calves, quads and glutes while I am getting my cardio in!

I just got done, and now it’s your turn!  Let’s give it your 110% and GO GET IT!!!

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