Beginning of the fitness journey blog

Beginning of the fitness journey blog

I have been working out for over 25 years, and have had ups and downs, and many plateaus along the way.  Late last year I turned 40, and getting a little older means having to push a little harder both in the gym and on my diet.

I have decided to keep a running blog of my fitness life to track everything I do.  This will help me look back and pinpoint what has been helping me, and what I need to work on.  I suggest you keep a journal of your fitness life or even write a blog of your own.  I’m hoping to inspire others along the way

Before I start I want to put out there that I am not sponsored or endorsed by any supplement company or anyone else for that matter.  Any recommendations for products, supplements or anything else is purely because I love the product.  Do you know how many people that you take fitness advice from are sponsored by a company?  It is very easy to tell when they are constantly promoting a product.  Some are very obvious, and some try to keep it somewhat of a secret.  Though when you see them mentioning the product, giving a shout out on Instagram or Facebook or posting pictures of them holding or drinking a product, you can bet your ass that they are doing so because they are trying to sell it in one form or another.  It’s best to take advice from someone who is not endorsed by any supplement companies, so you know it is true advice and not just some sales pitch.

Every day, I will be going through my ups and downs of my fitness life, and sharing some knowledge and maybe giving you a little entertainment at the same time.  As I have a full time job and do not have time for long, detailed blogs, many of these will be short and to the point.  I hope to educate, entertain and inspire you in the days, weeks, months and years to come!

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