Getting off Track

Getting off track

One of the easiest things to do on your workout journey is to get off track.  Whether it be skipping a few workouts, having a day or two of eating bad or drinking alcohol, it will usually happen.  That’s where you many people decide to say “fuck it” and continue on to their past way of living.

I write this as I just ate a crapload of Pub Mix that I got from Costco.  It’s this tasty Chex Mix kind of snack that I bought because my son wanted it.  I usually stay away from that kind of stuff, but I had a couple bites and then I kept going, and going.  Then, of course, I felt like shit about myself and now I feel like a fatass.  I have two options here, and so do you when this kind of situation approaches.  I can either say screw it, give in and keep eating like shit, or I can say “screw you salty treats”, and continue to eat clean after that.  I will definitely choose the latter and YOU WILL TOO!

Just because you screwed up doesn’t mean its time to quit.  We are all human and will fall off the wagon here and there.  Only the strong will get up, dust themselves off and continue where they left off.  Don’t scold yourself when this happens, just get right back up and kick some ass.  You can’t change what happened in the past, so don’t even stress about it.  Just try to make better decisions the next time around and continue on your journey.  One bad meal, or even a bad day will not completely screw up your progress.  Sure it may temporarily hinder it, but its nothing you can’t easily overcome!

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