Killin’ the legs

Killin' the legs

Years ago, I absolutely hated leg day.  In fact, I just couldn’t wait till it was over with so I didn’t have to do it for another week.  I never skipped it, but begrudgingly did it.  You see, my quads have always been pretty big as my legs are short in proportion to my height, so I have never had chicken legs to begin with.  My calves, however, are a completely different story (as you can probably tell in the picture).  They genetically suck, and I have never been able to develop them to be in proportion to my quads, but I will keep fighting the fight and one day….

Even though my quads/hams have always been good size, I a couple years ago I decided to embrace leg day.  Just like a job, you have to do it, and why not make the best of it?  I already had pretty good size, so why not take that and just kill them like I kill every other body part?  Well I took that attitude, and now not only am I getting even more gains in my legs, I am lovin’ it, too!  No more dreading leg day anymore.  I get to the gym, warm ’em up and it’s time to kill them!

The point of this short post is to try your best to love what you do, even if you don’t like it.  Whether it be leg day, your job or something completely different, your attitude can be the difference from hating something to not minding it at all, or even getting to like or love it.  Keep a positive attitude about everything you do in life, and everything will seem easier and you will be a happier person.  If you hate leg day like I used to, try going in with an attitude of wanting to get bigger and better, and embracing leg day as you are going to do it anyway, so might as well do it with a smile!





P.S. – I just completed this leg workout, so be sure to check it out!

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