Scales up, time to get back on the plan!

Back to the macro plan

Well after a fun filled little getaway out of the city this past weekend, I step on the scale this morning and I was about 192. That is about 5 pounds heavier than my average weight lately. While I use to weigh in the 195-200 range consistently years ago, I dropped down to the 187-190 range over the past couple years. In that weight range, my abs are clearly more visible, along with more definition all around. I do sacrifice some muscle size, but the trade off for more definition seems worth it to me. If I get too low, I may get a little more definition, but then my arms and legs seem to start shrinking down too much for my taste.  You know how it is, when you are a good at least – you cut some weight and look better, but then you feel skinny.  You bulk up a little bit and get bigger muscles, then you feel fat!  It’s a no win situation sometimes, but that is why I tend to try to stay lean year round without much weight fluctuation.

Well as I mentioned, I was 192 and that’s not going to stay.  If I was completely cut up at this weight, then I wouldn’t mind it.  I believe I am capable of doing it even at my age and being natural, but that would involve not drinking alcohol, which I am simply not going to give up at the present time.  I have cut drinking down to every other weekend, but still both on Friday and Saturday.  Drinking makes me happy, and also gives me something to look forward to.  Hey, we all have our vices.  Some people have cheat meals or cheat days, and I really don’t care that much about food.  I have my cheat nights, where I have a few shots and get a nice buzz.  Sometimes I overdo it though, and this past weekend I actually drank beer which I rarely ever do.  That is probably why I packed on the extra pounds.  I realize it’s mostly going to be water weight and it will fall off in the next few days with a strict diet as I always do, but it is giving me motivation to get back to counting macros.

I was counting my macros for a couple months, and got in probably the best aesthetic shape of my life.  While I was a little leaner in terms of muscles, the definition was poppin’.  I also was weighing in around 182-184, which I hadn’t weighed since mid high school!  I don’t want to get down that low again, but my goal is to get a little leaner while maintaining as much muscle as possible.  I do have a trip to Mexico coming up in about a month, and it’s the perfect time to do a small shred.  I will be documenting my measurements, weights and macro goals in my next blog post, and we will see how it goes!  Stay tuned!

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