The “beginning” of the journey

Week #1 - 190.1 Pounds August 18, 2017

Helllllo!  My name is Adam Stockton and this is far from the beginning of my fitness journey, but just the beginning of me putting it into words.  This is not so much for my audience out there (if there is or will every be any lol), but for myself.  I figure instead of tracking everything on paper, it would be a lot easier to do it as a blog.  I mean, I can type way quicker than I can write, and then it’s all at my fingertips, so why not, right?

So quickly about myself.  I’m 40 years old, about 5’10 and weigh around 190 pounds give or take.  I have been working out since 8th grade, so about 25 years.  Fitness is my passion, and I am always trying to improve myself physically, just like I do with everything in life.  If I am into something, I give it 100%, and fitness is one of the main things I am into.  Anyway, enough about me personally for now…I will share little nuggets if need be throughout my blogs.

I don’t have time to blog everyday like some people.  I’m a busy guy without a lot of free time, and the free time I have I am not going to spend blogging all the time.  So here and there I will be posting my updates, tips or anything I find interesting to post.  Though far from a fitness expert, I am a wealth of knowledge as I have been doing this for sooo long and have done so much reading, researching, etc.  I definitely know more than the average person, and I will be learning and hopefully working out till the day I die as well.

So one of the reasons I decided to blog is I hired a nutritionist about three weeks ago.  After experimenting on myself with different diets and different macros over the years, I finally said “fuck it!” and asked the help of an expert.  I figured that if I am spending an hour and a half a day working out, and all this time meal prepping and attempting to eat right, why not let an expert help better figure it out for me so I can reach my maximum potential?  When you have been doing this for so many years, you tend to think you know everything.  Guess what?  I don’t!  I am sure my nutritionist doesn’t know it all either, but she is much more experienced in nutrition than me.

I will save the details of my new program for my next blog, but in the meantime, please enjoy my post workout week #1 photo!

Week #1 – 190.1 Pounds August 18, 2017



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