Build your forearms while you drive!

Build your forearms while you drive!

Forearms are kind of like calves.  Sometimes you are born with them, and sometimes you have to work your ass off everyday just trying to make them look halfway normal.  Unfortunately for me, I am the latter of the group.  I have pretty good sized arms, but my forearms are somewhat lacking.  Luckily, I have found an easy way to work them out while wasting no time whatsoever!

I bought the Grip Strengthener Adjustable Hand Exerciser from a local sports store.  It is almost gimmicky looking, but trust me when I say it works!  it’s a simple plastic hand grip that is spring loaded so you can adjust the resistance.  You squeeze the handles together, and you can adjust it anywhere from 22 pounds of resistance to 88 pounds!

You can perform these just like any other exercise in terms of reps and sets.  The instructions recommend doing 3 sets of 20 reps every other day.  I like doing these every day because it is so easy and convenient to do!  For beginners, you will want to start with an easy resistance and slowly move your way up.  There is plenty of resistance to give even those of us with monster grips a good workout.  Keep it in your car and do them on your way to the gym, work, or grocery store.  Wherever you go, you can work out your forearms and grip!

You will immediately feel it working your forearm.  In fact, if you are reasonably lean, you will be able to see your forearm muscle contracting as you are doing them.  After doing several sets, your forearms will be tight and you will have a nice pump just from doing this simple and convenient exercise.

These grips are under $10 and will make a big difference in your forearm size and definition if you stick with it.  Just grab yourself one, keep it in your vehicle and make it part of your daily routine when you are driving and get your forearms some gains!

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