How to get a killer arm pump
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How to get a killer arm pump

January 17, 2017 Adam Stockton 0

Today was bicep and tricep day at the gym, which is my favorite workout of the week.  I love pumping up my arms.  It is a very rewarding feeling when you walk into the gym […]

Setting the Trap
Daily Blog

Setting the Trap

January 16, 2017 Adam Stockton 0

Another Monday rolled around which means it was time to get back to the gym, and the pun was intended since it was back day!  This back day brought in a new exercise I had […]

Leg Day!

Workout of the Day: Legs

August 18, 2015 Adam Stockton 0

It’s Leg Day! Another leg day in the books!  It was a pretty grueling workout.  This is my standard “go-to” leg day workout.  As I am just starting to log my workouts and start mixing […]

Get the most out of your shrugs!
Workout Tips

Tips for your traps!

July 24, 2015 Adam Stockton 0

It was my back workout today, and I try to learn something new everyday to share with you guys.  If I don’t learn something new, I will simply share some tips or experiences.  I have many […]