Stressed Chest Workout #1

Stressed Chest Workout #1

It’s every guys favorite workout, CHEST DAY!  If you are following my 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, this is your last workout of week #1.  This is also the last heavy weight workout, so next week you will be doing higher reps.

All of my workouts are designed by me, and then tested in the gym by none other than myself.  I plan each workout before I hit the gym.  When I go through the workout, often I make some changes to it.  Sometimes I get new ideas while I am in the gym, and sometimes certain exercises just don’t seem to go right together.  What you get is my final, tried and tested workout.  Basically, I go through all the work of perfecting these workouts, and you get the final copy to reap maximum benefits.

Heavy weight workouts can often lead to joint pain and problems, as it puts higher stress on them.  You get two days of active rest after each heavy week, plus you get a full week of lighter weight/higher reps workouts to help recover.  In addition, I also recommend supplementing with glutamine on a regular basis.  This is one supplement that has been proven for recovery, and may also help you with your DOMS (Delayed On-Set Muscle Soreness), or the soreness you get the next day after working out.  In addition to glutamine, anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen can be helpful.  If you want to go the natural route, a give turmeric a try, as it has many anti-inflammatory properties.  The healthier your joints are, the better workouts you will be able to do, and the more gains you will be able to get.

Remember, it’s the final workout day of the week, so leave everything in the gym and don’t kick yourself later for not killing yourself today!

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