Stressed Chest #10

Stressed Chest #10

Well folks, if you are following the  10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, we have arrived at the final day!  All the weeks have been grueling workouts, but you may agree that this final week has been the most intense, and this workout is no exception!

You will start with supersetting incline dumbbell chest press with machine flyes.  Notice you will be doing higher to lower reps on the first exercise, and lower to higher reps on the other exercise.  This same pattern will follow with all of the supersets in this workout.  As always, select a weight where you will reach failure or near failure on every set.  Up next you will superset Hammer Strength Flat Chest Press (Or any flat chest press machine), with high pulley cable crossovers.  Up next is Hammer Strength Decline or Wide Chest Press, and superset with pushups to failure.  Trust me when I say that you will be exhausted already if you are doing it to fail on each set.  Lastly, you will find an incline chest press machine (preferably one that uses weights with pin selectors for changing the weight quickly).  Do four drop sets starting heavy with just five reps, and ascending upwards in reps and downwards with the weight.  This is going to be very tough, and you may have to drop the weight several times to complete the reps!

For triceps, you will superset cable tricep pushdowns with reverse grip cable tricep pushdowns.  Again, the pattern of low to high and high to low reps applies.  Then you will do three sets of dumbbell tricep kickbacks, and finish off with four dropsets of seated overhead dumbbell tricep extensions.

For your traps, you will superset Smith Machine shrugs and dumbbell shrugs.  DO NOT take ANY rest between any of the sets.  Just keep doing exercise after exercise until you are done!  Your traps will be a blazin’!

Finish off this grueling workout with 10 minutes of HIIT and you are all done!!!

If you have followed and completed the 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  Most people will NOT complete this trainer, as the workouts are extremely tough.  If you enjoyed it and made some great gains (which you will have done if you followed a strict diet), please tell your friends about us and share some of our content.  I would sure appreciate it!!


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