Stressed Chest Workout #2

Stressed Chest Workout #2

This chest workout is a killer.  I planned this workout the night before, and just got done doing it a couple hours ago.  You are going to love this workout!  Well you might hate it, but when you get done you will love the way you look, I guarantee it!  I had a massive pump afterward, and the picture here is from the actual workout.  A friend in the gym snapped a pic of me doing the superset pushups without me knowing, so I added some pizazz to it and used it for the featured image.

This is a high rep workout, yet gives you a final set of just 10 on many of the exercises where you can add some weight and get a little heavier reps in.  Coupled with the supersets of cable crossovers and pushups, you will be pumped to the max when you are done.

On the calf exercises, you will see you are going to do just one set of 100 reps.  Select a modest weight, and perform as many reps as you can at that weight.  There is a good chance you will not reach 100 reps, so simply take 15-20 seconds rest and crank out the rest of them.  Hit failure before 100 again, just take a bit more rest and finish up.  I had to take three 15-20 second breaks on both exercises in order to hit 100 reps.  Be sure you are changing the position of your toes from straight, out and in during the reps to hit various parts of your calf muscles.

Are you ready for a massive chest and arm pump… basically an overall upper body pump?  Well follow my plan and let’s get workin’!

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