Stressed Chest Workout #7

Stressed Chest Workout #7

Yet another rockin’ chest workout is planned, tested and perfectly laid out for you to follow.  These workouts (when performed as I recommend), are quite grueling, but will get you results if you are willing to put in the work.

With the exception of the first set on each of the chest exercise, you are going for power and strength, which means heavy weight baby!  You still want to go to failure or near failure on your first set, but it should be a little bit lighter weight since you are doing 15 reps.  Then it’s time to grab the big boys and get working heavy.  Remember, ALWAYS do a couple of warmup sets in addition to light stretching before you start your workout.  Not only will you decrease your risk of injury, but it will also make you stronger for your working sets as well.

On the incline dumbbell chest press, grab two dumbbells and hold them together at the top of your chest.  This will be your starting point.  While keeping the pressed together, raise them both simultaneously and squeeze your upper chest at the top of the movement.  You should ABSOLUTELY feel your upper chest working on this exercise.  After doing your sets, you will notice your upper chest will get PUMPED!

Focus, intensity, power, strength – get your pre-workout in, get primed and give it your 110%.  If you are following my 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, we are three weeks from finishing and you want to give it your all ALL the way through!

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