Stressed Chest #9

Stressed Chest Workout #9

Whew!  That was a one killer chest workout. Another highly recommended chest workout is planned out for you and already performed and approved by me!  So let’s get to work!

After you are all warmed up, be sure to do a couple of light sets of the first exercise before you start hitting the big boys.  Even though it starts out at 15 reps, you will still be doing fairly heavy weight, so you don’t want to risk injuries.  Always better to warm up more than necessary and lose a little strength than to not warm up enough and get an injury!

Starting off, you will be doing four sets of  Incline Iso-Lateral Chest Press.  There is probably a 50/50 chance your gym has such a machine, so if it does not, use a Hammer Strength Incline Chest Press.  If your gym does not have Hammer Strength equipment, then simply find a new gym that does!  Sets will progressively get lower reps and your weight will, of course, get progressively heavier, going to failure on each set.  Follow the same protocol for flat chest press and close grip incline dumbbell press.

For your finishing exercises, you will do three giant sets of high pulley cable flyes, kneeling landmine press followed by pushups.  Take a little rest between sets, but no rest between each exercise.  Go from one to the other and finish with pushups till you simply can’t push anymore!

Well you are over halfway through and done blasting your chest, so up next its triceps.  You will do three sets of four different exercises.  All are standard sets, no supersets.  Remember, you are going for strength, but don’t think you can take a bunch of time between sets.  45 seconds is top!  I realize you could get a couple extra reps taking longer, but I’m not training you to be a power lifter here!  This is bodybuilding combined with strength!

Up next you will do four supersets of dumbbell shrugs and Smith Machine Shrugs, followed by four supersets for abs.  It’s a long workout, but if you don’t mess around yapping between sets, you should be able to get it all done in the standard time.

It’s go time folks!  Get your pre-workout down, get in the zone and let’s annihilate this workout!

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