Dig deep for those last couple reps

Push yourself to get those last reps!
Push yourself to get those last reps!

A very important part of getting the most out of your workout and pushing through to the next level is to give it everything you got. This includes pushing yourself on those last couple of reps. For my last set of each exercise, I usually go to failure where I cannot perform another rep. Then I lower the weight a bit, and get a few more reps until failure again. This method pushes your muscles to the max, and not only will help you gain muscle size, but also strength and endurance.

It is very easy to get fatigued when you are approaching your final couple of reps, and think your body is done and stop. Many times, however, you have a couple more in you. Sometimes it’s mind over matter. Your body feels almost completely fatigued, yet you can tell yourself to push on and sometimes you can get one or two more. These are extremely important reps, because you are pushing yourself beyond your normal boundaries and shocking your body into new growth.

Many sets I am just done and there is no way I can get one more rep. However there are some exercises that I am “lazy” with, and think I am done before I really am. Next time you are going to failure, when you would normally stop just TRY to eek out a couple more.  Even if you don’t get them, you are still pushing your body further than if you just stopped.  Many times, you will get those last one or two reps and continue to make progress on your fitness journey.

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