Does music hurt or help your workout?

Does music affect your workouts?
Does music affect your workouts?

So most of my workout life, I have listened to music while I workout with my earbuds, not the crappy gym music. Late last year, I decided to see what my workouts would be like without my earbuds in. Some people told me that they had better concentration when they did have music blasting in their ears. Here is what I found:

The advantages:
When I stopped listening to music with my earbuds in, I found that I was more in tune with my body. The reason was I could hear myself better, I seemed to be able to concentrate a little better and I got what seemed to be better workouts. I could also tell that perhaps sometimes I may of been grunting too loud.

The disadvantages:
People talked to me more. Apparently it is free game if you do not have earbuds in, so although I tried to make it brief as best I could, I would lose some workout time and a little bit of my pump sometimes with friendly gym members. I don’t mind talking to people at the gym, but it has to be brief and it certainly has to be between sets. There is nothing worse than someone striking up a conversation while I am in mid-set, and trust me it has happened several times.

After not using earbuds this for six months or longer, I decided as of yesterday to try out playing music again.  I found almost the exact same outcome, but in reverse:  my concentration was better, my motivation was higher and I got in a better workout.  Sounds strange, huh?

My conclusion to this is, just like everything else, it is good to switch things up.  Even your music, not only the playlist, but listening to it, and then not listening to it sometimes.  Everything can become so routine, that if you switch things up here and there, as little as they may be, you may just be getting a better workout.

Comment below and let me know if it helps or hurts YOUR workout!

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