Don’t let the weekend ruin your weekday gains

Don't let the weekend ruin your progress
Don't let the weekend ruin your progress

One problem that I have encountered over my many years of working out is the weekends.  I work my butt off all week long, and am very strict with my diet and exercise.  When the weekend rolls around, I like to let loose and have some fun.  My definition of fun is enjoying myself and throwing back a few shots on Fridays and Saturdays.  If that is all I did, it would not be a problem since I am not a competitive bodybuilder.  The problem is that I tend to be much less strict on my diet on the weekends.  On many occasions, I end up gaining a couple of pounds between Friday night and Sunday morning.  That is NOT good.  The reason this happens is not so much the alcohol, but how easy it is when I drink to end up throwing some crappy food into my mouth while I am drinking.  So many times all that hard work I put in for the weekdays is completely destroyed, or worse yet, I actually end up going backwards and adding body fat and unwanted weight.

The key to it all, for me at least, is to do everything in moderation.  Should you give up drinking if you really like to drink on the weekends?  Well it’s your choice, but if you just have a couple to a few drinks instead of pounding back a 12 pack, you are much more likely to move forward when Monday rolls around instead of having to backtrack.  Also, if you are going to drink, try to be as strict as possible on your diet.  Many people go with the “cheat meal” philosophy, which I really don’t even believe in.  I think the cheat meal is only good for motivation, or a reward, for your strict eating.  If you love food and can’t ever enjoy yourself in that aspect, you are more likely to completely give up on your diet.  I don’t have that love for food, so my reward if you want to call it, is the alcohol.  So what I am trying to do now is to be very strict with my diet on the weekends, still throw back a few shots of fireball like I enjoy doing, and not ruin my gains at the same time.  Whatever your weak area is on the weekends, try moderation if you are going backwards on the weekends.  One night of “fun” is probably not worth ruining all that hard work you have been doing!

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That’s my problem, well, was my problem. The damn weekends, drinking and eating and just falling off the wagon. I’m a foodie, so I love my variety and eating things in moderation. I doing a weight watchers plan but eating clean and I’m down 10lbs this month just doing that. I don’t want to feel limited to what I have to eat and still enjoy things.