Don’t talk to me when I am working out!

Do not talk to me when I am working out!

It was shoulder day at the gym today, which is one of my favorite workouts.  It is very motivating to see my delts pumped up at the end of the workout.  I enjoy all my workouts, but I always look forward to blowing up the delts.  Part of it probably was the fact that it was the first workout after leg day, and I prefer doing any workout other than legs!  You can click here to take a look at today’s shoulder workout.

So the workout was intense with lots of supersets.  I was going back and forth between exercises like a chicken with his head cut off.  All was good until my last couple of sets where I ran into a guy that I hadn’t seen at the gym for about six months.  I have been switching back and forth between gyms, and this guy used to make small talk to me occasionally, but never for any amount of time.  However, over the period of time I hadn’t seen him, he had a lot going on including getting skin cancer on his forehead.  He proceeded to talk about it for the next 15 or so minutes.

I really do like the guy, he is a real friendly older guy, and I don’t have the guts to simply tell him “Hey man, I am trying to keep my pump going and don’t have time to listen to this!!”.  After all, the guy obviously wanted to share this with me and had been through a lot.  He showed me pictures of his head from surgery, told the entire story in detail and didn’t seem to leave anything out.  While he was talking to me, I could feel my pump disappearing, my sweat dissipating, and pretty much the end of my workout going down the drain.

Now I probably sound like some arrogant asshole worrying about my “pump” while this poor guy is talking about his scare with cancer, but there is a time and a place to chat in the gym.  When you are in the middle of your workout, it is not the time to have a lengthy conversation.   If I am in the locker room after the workout, or just leaving the gym, then that’s fine.  When I am working out, however, any more than a “hey” or ten second conversation is too long of a conversation for me.  I am not a dickhead, in fact I am very sociable, but when I am in the zone working out, I want to be left alone so I can concentrate on what I am there to do, and that is WORKOUT!

There is a guy at my other gym that will literally come up to me while I am actually in the middle of doing a set, my earbuds in and start yapping to me.  That is just downright inconsiderate.  Maybe if he was a newbie to the gym and didn’t realize what the hell goes on at a gym, I could understand.  Though this guy has been going to the gym for many years.  Again, he’s a nice guy and means well, but most people are at the gym to get their workout on and do not want to be disturbed.

So be considerate at the gym.  A friendly “hello” or “how’s it going” is just fine.  When you start making long conversations with someone who clearly is trying to work out, then you are being an asshole.  Stop being an asshole!

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