Exercise: The natural mood enhancing drug

Exercise: The natural mood enhancing drug

Yesterday morning I skipped the gym to catch up on sleep since I was out late the night before.  I am used to working out every morning, Monday through Friday.  My workouts are deeply engraved into my daily routine.  Since I chose to sleep in instead of workout, I got more sleep than I do normally, though that isn’t saying much since I always seem to lack sleep.  Even with the extra sleep, my entire day I was very “blah” and unmotivated.

The day seemed to drag on, and on and on.  Finally when it was getting close to quitting time at work, I made the decision to hit the gym, so I wouldn’t have to make up for it on the weekend.  It was back day, and I got a kick ass workout in.  While I was not very motivated for work, I was motivated to work out because it is something I love to do.

After my workout, my whole day was completely different.  I felt about three times better mentally.  My fatigue was absent, my mood was much better and I simply was happier and more content.  I can guarantee you this is not a coincidence.  This has happened many times to me before over the years, where I use exercise as an anti-depressant or simply just a mood enhancer.  There are scientific reasons that back up this theory, including the fact that endorphins are released when exercise.  I am not even worried about the scientific reason for it, the fact is it simply works.

If you are having a bad day, feel stressed or lethargic, or just somehow feel “off”, do some form of exercise.  Whether it’s a 30 minute jog, going for a hike or an hour of intense weight training, chances are you will feel much better than you did when you started.

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