Meal prep for the first day of the new year

Meal Prep Time!

Today is the first day of the New Year of 2017 and everyone should be gearing up for a crowded gym tomorrow. I really wanted to get some cardio and abs in today from all the New Years drinking I did over the weekend, but time wasn’t on my side this weekend. That’s okay though, because I have that much more motivation to really kill it in the gym tomorrow. In anticipation of Kris Gethin’s 8 Week Hardcore Trainer, I got my grocery shopping done and meal prepped today. Here is what went down:

It is ideal to have a week of meals prepped, so you have everything all ready. I usually do a two week meal prep, just to save time. This involves freezing about 2/3 of the meat, since it is only good for three or four days in the fridge.

For proteins, I bought chicken breast, turkey breast, cod and tilapia. I grilled the cod, tilapia and in the process of grilling the chicken right now. I pretty much have only done grilled chicken for years, but trying to incorporate more types of proteins to get a better variety of nutrition.

For carbs, I am keeping it simple with brown rice and sweet potatoes. Usually I just do brown rice, so I am expanding my horizons a bit.

For the fibrous vegetables, I have broccoli, cucumber and celery. Usually I just do broccoli, so once again I am trying some “new” things and mixing it up a bit.

Get ready folks! Make this a year you smash your fitness goals. Tomorrow’s workout should be epic, whether I like this 8 week hardcore trainer or not, I am going to smash the weights. I might have to modify some of the exercises a bit, but will let you know tomorrow how it goes!

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I’m on (have you as a friend). Although I’m one that NEVER finishes, this is the year of consistency for me. Thanks for this blog. It’s real life and not sales gimmicks. I’ll be following and posting my own journey.