First New Years workout in the books!

Arm Day!

Woke up very motivated today.  Not only is it the first workout of the week and my first workout of the year, it is the first day of a new workout program.  Switching workout programs can be very motivating since you are doing something new and different.  Some of the workout programs that I have made or followed have worked very well, and sometimes you hate to leave what’s working for you.  However, change is always good, especially when it comes to bodybuilding.  You need to mix up your routines so your body doesn’t simply adapt, it gets shocked into growing.  Plus, you can always go back to an old routine at a later time.

Today I was excited for the premier of Kris Gethin’s 8 Week Hardcore Trainer.  He did not really give too many hints of what was going down in the program, so was very curious at what the day had in store.  Right away I noticed it was leg day.  While I understand the concept of doing leg day on a Monday since half the gym is doing chest for National Chest Day, I am not big on starting with legs and I will tell you why.  My theory is that the first workout of the week should either be your weakest link, or the bodypart that you want to achieve the greatest results.  I already have very big legs (my calves suck but I do have good quads and hams).  Another reason I don’t want to do leg day is the fact that I like to separate upper body workouts with legs, so I like to do leg day in the middle of the week.  This is why Wednesday has always been leg day for me.

Anyway, so I decided to do the 3rd day of the trainer, which is Arms.  I chose arms because I love to work arms, I want bigger arms and then at the end of the week I do chest, which also involves a lot of tricep work.  That gives my triceps several days to recover before they basically get hit again.

The workout was fantastic.  You can click here to check it out.   I took Gethin’s workout and made it my own.  Removed some things that I did not like for myself, and added in some things that I felt were missing.  A lot of why I do not do certain things in exercise programs is injury prevention.  I do get injured relatively easy, so I have to be careful.  Over my 25 years in the industry, I have learned what I can and can’t do.

It was mostly supersets, so it was pretty fast pace.  First you did triceps, then biceps which was a nice change since I usually start with biceps.  My arms were very pumped at the end of the workout, so I consider it a big success.  I only got time to do 10 minutes of cardio, but I always do 5 minutes warmup, so close enough.

Tomorrow will be back day, and once again Gethin’s program will be modified.  He has a great program going, but I can tell it is geared on slightly out of shape or overweight people trying to lose bodyfat.  I do not need to do 40 minutes of cardio a day and I know that.  You may be different, as we all are, but for myself, 15 minutes is more than enough.  Otherwise, I would be losing weight very quickly!

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