Five reason not to skip leg day

There are many benefits of leg day
There are many benefits of leg day

Today was the dreaded leg day and let me tell you, it was a grueling one. Most women love working legs and most guys hate it. I am somewhere inbetween. I love to work out, but leg day for sure is not my favorite day. I have grown to appreciate it the more I get older for several reasons. Here is a list of benefits of leg day (in no particular order):

  • Proportions – If you skip leg day, you are literally not working out half of your body. If you only work your upper half, your body is not going to be proportional. It looks funny having a very muscular and defined upper body with skinny chicken legs. No one wants to have chicken legs and girls hate it!!!  Granted, no matter how hard I work my calves they still look like they belong on a flamingo, but at least I have some very thick quads and hams!
  • Attraction – Guys love girls with nice legs and ass, and while it’s not said quite as much, girls also like guys with nice legs and a nice butt. Doing squats and lunges in particular, will help you achieve the ass you desire. As we age, this becomes more important as it starts to get a little saggy in that area. Adding muscle will help tone as well as perk it up.  It’s all about the ass these days!
  • Strength – Your glutes, quads and hams are some of the largest muscles in your body. In fact, your glutes are the largest muscle, period. Working to increase strength in your legs on leg day will be beneficial for so many areas of everyday life. Guys you want to be sure you can squat your girlfriend, or when you go to lift her up you are going to be left very embarrassed and so will she!
  • Higher Testosterone – Many studies have shown that doing moderate to high intensity training with short rest periods using exercises such as squats can increase your testosterone level. It seems since legs are some of the largest muscles in your body, that testosterone levels are raised more from training any other body part on average. This is a huge plus not only for your legs, but for increasing the size and strength all of your muscles in your body in addition to lower bodyfat.
  • Health and Physical Shape – Yes, leg workouts are some of the most grueling of all the workouts if you are pushing yourself hard. However, this will pay off when it comes to increased stamina and a stronger heart. Since leg workouts are so grueling and draining, your heart rate up is up usually more than any other workout. So not only are you working your legs, but you are also strengthening your heart. Leg workouts are #1 for overall physical shape since you are literally working half your body in the same workout.

So if you are skipping some of your leg workouts, or God forbid not working legs at all, remember all of these benefits.  Hopefully it will make you think twice before skipping legs and getting made fun of for your chicken legs.

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