Following my own advice

Following my own advice

If you read my blog post from Thursday, Balancing out the gym and drinking on the weekends, you know that I work my ass off on the weekdays and like to have fun on the weekends.  It is truly a balancing act for me.  This week has been no exception.  Monday thru Friday I killed all of my workouts and my diet was super strict.  There was not one instance of cheating whatsoever.  However, Friday night rolled around and as usual, it is time for me to drink.  Luckily, I followed my own advice and drank vodka and diets, and kept my food and hydration in check to balance it out.  Same thing happened on Saturday.  

So now we are at Sunday and since I have a little extra free time today, I am going to furthur follow my own advice by putting in a little extra time in the gym.  As mentioned previously, alcohol calories must get burned off first before you start burning the other calories in your system.  Since I have my workouts all planned Monday thru Friday, I do not want to do a traditional workout and mess up my routine.  The best thing for me to do then would be some cardio and abs.  A good 30 minute cardio session will burn off most of the alcohol calories as well as clean out my system.  

Though I feel completely fine today, sometimes on Monday I am sluggish at the gym from my sins on the weekend.  When I get in a little extra workout like I am about to do, it really helps my next workout.  When I get up for my workout on Monday, I can almost guarantee that I will be feeling amped and very motivated for the gym.  Though I will hit the gym no matter how I feel unless I am knocking on death’s door, it is much better to be feeling great when you are about to throw around the weights than feeling sluggish and not motivated.

Well it is time for me to go hit the gym and get in some cardio and abs.  Hopefully you will be hitting it, too or at least doing some form of exercise.  Remember, your rest days should be  active rest days, which means you should not just be lying around all day long.  Go for a hike, walk your dog, take your kids to the park – do something and get out there and be active!

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