Get back on the wagon!

Get back on the wagon

It’s getting towards the end of January already, and the New Year is not so brand new anymore.  Most people including myself make some kind of New Years resolutions.  Many are fitness related, and for non-lifters it is usually simply to “get in shape”.  For people who are well into their fitness journey, it is usually usually a goal of getting to the next level.

I had several New Years resolutions.  One was to manage my time better, stop procrastinating and get shit done.  I tend to waste a lot of time on my phone often times for no good reason.  Opening up Instagram or Facebook and scrolling down the posts, even though I just did the same thing five minutes ago.  I simply just waste a lot of precious time doing stupid things that I don’t need to be doing.  My other main New Years resolution was to up my level in the gym by adding a little muscle and losing a little bodyfat.  Nothing major, as I have been working out and dieting for over 25 years.  Without going on the sauce or doing something unnatural, you are usually not going to make tremendous gains when you have been at it as long as I have.

Unfortunately for me, I have to admit that I haven’t accomplished anything as far as my New Years resolutions.  I have not stopped wasting time, and though I have been working my ass off in the gym, I have still done some things that are holding me back a bit from reaching my fitness goals.  This is the time that most people have already quite their New Years resolutions.  They screw them up, fall off the wagon a bit and then just say “Fuck it!” and quit completely.

That’s when you have to dig deep, confess your sins, start over and try even harder than you were in the first place.  Just because you screwed up doesn’t mean you can’t still get there.  We are all human and we are all going to have setbacks.  For me, it wasn’t a setback, but more of never really giving it true effort in the first place.  However, for me it is going to change.  Monday I will re-start my New Years resolutions, and stop wasting time and start getting to the next level.  You are your own boss when it comes to these things, and you can’t rely on anyone else except yourself.  If you have screwed up your resolutions already, toughen up and get right back on the wagon.  I’m going to do it, and YOU can do it, too!

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