Good carbs for a great body

Try rotating your complex carbs
Try rotating your complex carbs

When it comes to my diet, I am pretty damn boring.  I pretty much eat the same thing day in and day out.  For protein, I grill up ten pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts every week, cut them up in portion sizes, put them in a plastic bag and refrigerate or freeze them for the week.  For my complex carbs, I make instant brown rice in bulk.  I microwave a huge tub of it, refrigerate it and then rewarm a portion of it in the microwave for each meal.  For my vegetables, I buy frozen bags in bulk.  Currently I am using green beans.

The problem with my diet is there is not much variety.  So I have decided to start rotating my sources of proteins and carbs to get a better variety of nutrition.  It is very important to diversify your meals, so you can ample nutrition as opposed to just eating the same thing all the time like I do.  It’s also rather boring, and when you mix things up a little, you will have a better chance of sticking with it since you won’t be doing the same boring thing all the time.

So first I am going to start rotating my carbs.  Since I have been eating brown rice for the past couple years, I am way overdue to switch things up.  I surveyed a group of fitness nuts to see what good complex carbs they use (besides brown rice) to get ideas for carb rotation.  I let them know that I have been doing brown rice forever, and looking for an alternative.  Here are the responses I got:

  1. “Oats and sweet potato. I’m in the same boat with you though, those are my 3…”
  2. “Sweet potato.. love them. Tastes so sweet when you haven’t had anything sweet for a while.”
  3. “I eat black bean and green bean pasta..are gluten free and high in protein!! Friggin love’ve gotta try them :-)”
  4. “Jasmine rice. jk..i pretty much eat the same meals repeatedly too. I’ll use different sauces or seasonings but..generally the same components..can’t help ya”
  5. “wheat bread”
  6. “Guinness extra stout, Dos Equis, etc”  (Always a smart ass in the group)
  7. “I was in the same boat. Right now I’m kind of on a potato kick. Baked potato wedges, fries, thinly sliced slivers, hash brown style, and plain old baked potato. Changing the shape of my food fooled me.”
  8. “Spelt, quinoa, Ezekiel English muffins/bread!!”
  9. “Sweet potatoes is my other go to”
  10. “pasta, but I don’t do a whole lot of it. I get very bored of rice quickly so throw it in there rarely”
  11. “Unfortunately my carbs or choice right now are all carbs. I’ve put on a few pounds and now sit at 205. Goal is 195 maintained but eating too much crap to hit that, oh and no cardio, can’t bring myself to do it.”
  12. “salads are my option with greek yogurt based dressings”
  13. “I’ve been on a kobucha squash kick. It’s very filling and the texture reminds me of a baked potato. I haven’t had one in a while but Parsnips are a nice change.”
  14. “Qunioa”
  15. “Sweet potatoes, steel cut oats (crock pot recipes are amazing), spaghetti squash or any squash. I make a my Sheppard’s pie: I half cook brown rice and layer it in bottom of casserole dish. add a layer of broccoli, then a layer of lean seasoned chicken. On top throw some 1/4” thick sliced sweet potatoes and bake for an hour. Awesome **** man

Of course, the results varied.  However, there were lots of “Sweet Potato” references in there.  I used to hate sweet potatoes as a kid, but like them as an adult.  I believe that and Quinoa are going to be my next two to add in the rotation, and I will try more from there.  I suggest you give some of these a try.  These are real responses from dedicated, hard working fit gym goers, not just some guy off the street.  Rotating your nutrition can pay dividends to your health and physique.

Comment below and let me know what your favorite “good” carbs are!




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