How to get a killer arm pump

How to get a killer arm pump

Today was bicep and tricep day at the gym, which is my favorite workout of the week.  I love pumping up my arms.  It is a very rewarding feeling when you walk into the gym with 17 inch arms and leave with 18 inch arms, for a little while at least!  I definitely have my weak areas, but luckily arms are not one of them.  I always have had a decent peak on my biceps, ever since I can remember flexing.  While the peak is something you can work on, genetics also plays a big role in the shape of your arm.  I am lucky in that aspect to have a good bicep peak.

Today’s workout was a long, grueling one but it sure gave me a heck of a pump.  About 30 minutes before the gym, I took my pre-workout cocktail consisting of Evlution Nutrition Engn, six grams of beta alanine and a dose of ATP from Muscle Tech’s Muscle Build supplement.  Though I believe I will be leaving the ATP out when I run out of the supply because I haven’t really seen any difference since I started taking it.  The first two days that I took it, I had two kick-ass workouts so I gave credit to Muscle Build, but since I haven’t really noticed a difference.  I also read a study that stated that supplemental ATP doesn’t seem to increase the ATP inside your cells. I don’t want to become a supplement whore, so I want to only use the ones that I know are beneficial and work. Anyway, the combo of Engn and Beta Alanine really gets me primed for the gym and helps my pumps, which is what I was going for today.

Supplements aside, let’s get to the good part which is the arm workout. You can click here to view the full workout.  I alternate working either triceps or biceps first each arm workout, so that I will give them equal treatment over time.  Inevitably, I am a little weaker on biceps when working triceps first, and vice versa.  Today’s workout started with triceps.  All my workouts start with at least two warmup sets.  Maybe it’s because I’m 40, but I can’t simply just jump to a heavy set right off the bat.  You shouldn’t either even if you are a young buck.  It’s just a matter of time until you get injured this way.  Always warm up!

Up first was rope pulldowns, or sometimes called rope tricep extensions.  I did three sets, and each set was a drop set of ten heavy reps, then drop the weight a bit and immediately do ten more.  After this first exercise, my triceps were already starting to burn.  Immediately after it was off to overhead dumbbell tricep extensions.  This was 5 sets of 20,15,15,10,8 reps.  After the first set, there was pain in my left elbow.  As I have had a history of elbow problems (both golfers elbow and tennis elbow), I decided to switch to the tricep extension machine.  This is a very similar alternative, and continued on doing my sets without any elbow pain.  Let me tell you, the triceps were really burning!  Lastly, I did three supersets of the Hammer Strength Dip Machine  (20,15,10 reps) and close grip pushups to failure.  The pushups also gave me a nice chest pump to go with the already killer tricep pump that was going on!

Next it was bicep time!  Tried something new and did kneeling cable ez-bar curls (5 sets of 20,15,15,10,8 reps).  To perform this exercise, use an low cable with an ez-curl bar attached, squat down to the floor with your knees out, and rest your elbows on the inside of your legs like you are doing concentration curls.  This really targets just the biceps so you are not cheating by using other muscles to help bring the weight up.  Next up is one of my favorites, good old seated dumbbell curls.  Again it was 5 sets of 20,15,15,10, and 8 reps.  The final couple sets be sure to go heavy.  You will already have a mega pump going, and doing the heavy weight towards the end will really make your biceps explode.

The final bicep exercise was one to finish up pumping up the guns, and that was three supersets of barbell curls and standing dumbbell hammer curls.  I haven’t done standard barbell curls for a long time due to elbow problems, but I did today and they really were pumping up my biceps as I was finishing off the workout.

It’s a long ass workout, but if you follow this workout exactly, I can guarantee you will get a killer arm pump.  The photo was taken in my truck right after the workout, and as you can see my bicep has a pretty good pump going on.  Let me know what your favorite arm pumping bicep exercise are in the comments below!

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