How to get free personal training tips

How to get free personal trainer tips

Have you ever wanted to have a personal trainer, but simply can’t afford it?  Personal trainers usually cost around a dollar a minute on average.  It’s tough to fathom getting a personal trainer when you imagine looking at the clock between sets, seeing a minute go by and a dollar leaving your pocket.  For some it’s simply a motivational tool, having someone push you to get your workout in.  For others, it is learning new exercises, correcting your form and getting to the next level.

If you simply are looking for workout tips, new exercises or some general information, you can get it absolutely free.  What I am suggesting may be a little controversial and frowned upon, but with the ridiculous cost of getting personal trainer simply to get some new ideas and tips for working out, I find it very useful.

If you belong to a gym that has personal trainers, pay attention to the clients they are training.  Try to find a client (the trainee, not the personal trainer) with a physique you are looking for.  Without being obvious or obnoxious, do some exercises within ear range and simply listen to what they are doing.  If the client that you admire is being trained by that personal trainer, it certainly can’t hurt to grab an earful and see what is going on.

Take mental notes, or jot them down with your phone.  Inevitably, you are going to learn some things.  Heck, I have been working out for about 25 years and am happy to listen to trainers for advice.  I may not agree with everything they are saying, or sometimes just think they have no idea what they are doing, but many times I will learn a new exercise, figure out that I am doing the exercise just slightly wrong, or get some ideas for a new workout routine.

You are not hurting anybody by doing this.  Just don’t be obvious about it and follow them around everywhere they go.  It’s also a great way to secretly interview the personal trainer to see if you may actually want to pay the big bucks to get trained.  All you stand to lose is some time or some bad advice, but by doing this, you may just learn some free workout tips from a professional.

Have you secretly listened to personal trainers why you were working out?  If so, comment below and let us know what you think.

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