Is your supplement scoop size accurate?

Is your supplement scoop size accurate

I have been taking a meal replacement shake (MRP) for the last several years called Macrobolic MRP.  It had a very good macro ratio as the name implies, it tasted decent and was relatively cheap.  It was also super convenient when I didn’t have time to squeeze in a meal.  Unfortunately, they recently discontinued producing this MRP, so I was forced to either find another one or make my own.

I decided to go ahead and make my own.  This way, I could put exactly what I wanted into it.  I will mention in another article the exact ingredients in this MRP in case you want to try it, but the protein I use is Muscle Tech’s Phase 8.  I was looking for a protein blend and this one has good macros, tastes great and pretty much exactly what I was looking for.  Since I am now making my own MRP’s and I am a little OCD, I use a ounce/gram scale to measure out the ingredients.

As I took a nice big scoop of MuscleTech’s Phase 8 protein and put it in the blender which was on the scale, I noticed it weighed 59 grams.  This was a bit of a shocker to me, as the serving size is 42 grams.  This is a 17 more grams, which is a 42% difference!!  I then tried just a level scoop, since it does not call for a “heaping” scoop as I originally put in.  The weight this time was 54 grams.  Once again, it was more than the serving size at 12 extra grams, or a difference of nearly 29%.  I tried this same test on my regular protein, which was Muscle Tech Whey Gold.  While the gram weight of the scoop size was not as dramatic of a difference as the Phase 8 was, it was still too high.

I am not knocking MuscleTech Phase 8 or Whey Gold, as I love these proteins.  I am saying that their scoop size is inaccurate, which means you may be getting more protein in your diet than you realize.  If you take a lot of protein scoops a day, this can make quite a big difference in your macros if you are basing them off the serving size on the container, and not what the actual scoop size is.

My advice is to grab all of your supplements and perform your own tests on each of them.  If you have a gram scale, get a scoop of each supplement and see how much it weighs.  Compare it to the gram weight on the serving size and see if they match, or are at least close.  Hopefully you won’t be as shocked as I was with my personal tests of Phase 8, but at least you will know.  This way, you will know to either use a heaping scoop, or less than a full scoop when you mix your supplements in the future.  Let me know in the comments below if you have tested your supplements this way, and what the results were!


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