Kill your chest with the Incline Dumbbell Svend Press

Kill your chest with the Svend Press

I had my chest workout all mapped out like I always do.  I go to two different gyms, and decided to go to the larger of the two gyms today, which is LA Fitness.  They have more chest equipment there, so I figured I would get a better workout there.  Unfortunately, it was surprisingly somewhat crowded there early in the morning, so I think I chose the wrong gym since there were a lot of supersets involved.  Click here take a look at the chest workout I did.

I finished the supersets of the first exercise, which were incline Smith Machine and Pec Deck Flyes.  The two machines are all the way across the gym from each other, but it still worked out okay, just had to hustle.  When I started my second exercise of supersets, which includes cable flyes, I noticed that all the cable crossovers were taken and/or broken.  I realize it’s not my own personal gym, but I really hate when I can’t get the equipment I want, especially since I go so damn early in the morning!

So I had to quickly think of another exercise to superset my Smith Machine Flat Bench press with, since waiting in line for supersets pretty much defeats the purpose.  I remembered an old exercise that I haven’t done for a long time, called the Svend press.  The standard version of this exercise is to stand and hold a weight plate between your palms like you are praying.  While firmly squeezing the plate between your hands, you extend your arms out, and then come back in.  It really works the chest good!  The only problem with it is that you can only really use one weight plate, and that limits the poundage you can use.  So pretty much the maximum you can do is 45 pounds, unless your gym has 100 pounds plates and you are a super beast!

The variation of Svend Press press that I did targeted the upper chest.  I used an inline bench, grabbed two dumbbells and held them hammer grip style, and as close to each other as possible to where they were touching.  The starting position is high up on your chest, and then simply perform a dumbbell press movement straight up.  You will immediately feel it killing your upper pecs.  Since most people have trouble building their “shelf”, as do I, it is a perfect exercise to target the upper chest.  Since this is not a well known variation of the Svend Press, I had a hard time finding a video.  Eventually I will be making my own videos, but in the meantime, this is what you get!  If you skip about halfway through the video below, you will see exactly how it is done.  Give the Incline Dumbell Svend Press a try and let me know what you think!

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