Got Legs?

Leg Day
Leg Day

To have a symmetrical physique, you can’t neglect your legs! Try this hardcore moderate rep workout to pump and shred those legs into oblivion. The first few sets of each exercise are to be performed with minimal rest of about 30-45 seconds between sets. For the last set or two, take a little more rest so you can bring out the heavy weight to increase your strength. You have the workout, now go kick some ass!

LEG EXTENSIONS (5 sets of 25,20,15,10,10 reps)
MACHINE SQUATS (5 sets of 20,18,15,12,8 reps)
HACK SQUATS (5 sets of 20,18,15,12,8 reps)
DUMBBELL WALKING LUNGES (2 sets OF 20 steps per leg)
ABDUCTOR MACHINE (4 sets of 20,15,10,10 reps)

STANDING HAMSTRING CURLS (4 sets of 18,15,12,10 reps per leg)
SEATED HAMSTRING CURLS (4 sets of 18,15,12,10 reps)

CABLE CURLS (3 sets of 20,15,10 reps per arm)
DUMBBELL HAMMER CURLS (3 sets of 20,15,10 reps)
DUMBBELL PREACHER CURLS (4 sets of 15,12,8,6 reps)
STANDING BARBELL CURLS (3 sets of 15,12,8 reps)

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