Legendary Legs #1

Legendary Legs Workout #1

It’s leg day!  Yes!!!  Well you might not be so excited that it’s leg day, and if you’re not, it’s time to change your perspective on leg day.   Your legs are usually at least 50% of your total body, and contain the largest muscles you own.  Beyond that, working your legs will temporarily increase your testosterone as well as growth hormone, giving gains to your entire physique.  While it may be tortuous to work them, it is well worth it in the long run.  Plus, everyone can appreciate a pair of strong, ripped legs since they are not so common these days with so many people, especially guys concentrating on upper body.

We are going heavy weight today, which often means an increased risk of injury if not done properly.  Be sure to keep your form strict with all of your reps, and just as important warm up!  You should always warm up before all of my workouts, particularly the heavy weeks on this trainer.  For leg day, I like to warm up with cycling for a few minutes, some light stretching and I always begin each set with a light weight warm up set.  This gets the joints loose, the blood pumping, and primes you for the heavy weight you are about to do.  Are you ready?  Well let’s get to it!

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