Legendary Legs #2

Legendary Legs #2

A grueling leg workout is upon you!  Are you ready for it?  Well it’s ready for you, so you better be!  If you are following the 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, this is your second leg day, and this one is a very tough, high volume workout.

Make sure you are well hydrated, and sip on plenty of water while you do this workout.  I bring a gallon jug to the gym, and usually end up finishing the whole thing during my leg workouts.  The last 1/8 of a gallon or so, I use to mix with my post-workout.  You will be plenty sweaty, so water is a must!

Be sure to choose a weight where you are hitting failure or near failure on each set.  If you fail before the designated number of reps, then rest 10 or 15 seconds and then finish them up.

You are sure to be stumbling around after this workout!  Let’s get it going!  110% effort each and every time!

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