Legendary Legs #10

Legendary Legs Workout #10

This is the final installment of leg day for the 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer.  We are going to finish this off with a bang, so get ready for another grueling leg workout!  This is another long one, so be sure to minimize your time between sets so you can squeeze everything in!

As usual, we are going to start off pre-exhausting your legs with four sets of leg extensions.  This warms them up, gives them a little pump and primes them for the heavier weights.  You will then go to leg press, and do four descending rep sets immediately followed by four ascending rep sets.  Take no more than a minute rest between sets.  Up next, you will do four drop sets of machine squats.  Pile on the plates to where you go to failure or near failure at five reps, and then slowly take the plates off with each drop set, but still going to near failure.  Do not take any rest between sets and get those weights off as quickly as possible!

Next you will be doing three supersets with sissy squats and walking dumbbell lunges.  Since your legs will already be exhausted, this is no easy task.  You will probably be cursing as you are walking with those dumbbells!

Next up is hamstrings starting with lying leg curls.  If you have an iso machine, then try to alternate one leg at a time for the specified reps each leg.  Once you are done with that, you will be doing four drop sets of seated leg curls.  Again, no rest between sets and you are to go to failure on EVERY set!

After that, it’s time to hit the calves.   You have three exercises this week.  The first two are ascending and descending rep sets, and the final one is a drop set.  Same rules apply to the drop set with no rest between sets!

Lastly, after your legs are already completely exhausted, it’s time to do HIIT cardio.  I recommend doing the stair climber, but running or the bike will also do.  This will be grueling, as your legs will simply not want to do the work.  Push yourself and embrace the pain.  You can do it!

It’s time to get started!  Remember, this is your last leg workout for this trainer.  HIT IT HARD!!!!!


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